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Important Links

Sr.No.DescriptionWebsite Link
1.All Election Manuals 1. Manual on Electoral Rolls (English)
2. Manual on Electoral Rolls (Hindi)
3. EVM / VVPAT Manual(English)
4. EVM / VVPAT Manual(Hindi)
5. Handbook for BLO
6. SVEEP Manual (Hindi)
7. Compendium of Instruction On Media Related Matters
8. RO HandBook - 2018
9. पीठासीन आधिकारियो के लिये पुस्तिका - 2018
10. Polling Party Training Guide
11. cVigil Help Presentation
2.All Prescribed Forms By ECI 1. [FORM-6] Application for inclusion of name in ERoll
2. [FORM-6A] Application for inclusion of name in electoral roll by an overseas elector
3. [FORM-7] Application for deletion of name in ERoll
4. [FORM-8] Application for correction data in ERoll
5. [FORM-8A] Application for transposition in electoral roll in the same Assembly Constituency
3.e-Roll (Voter List Final Publication SR2018 )Click Here
4.1.Election Commission of IndiaClick Here
4.2.Chief Electoral Officer Madhya PradeshClick Here
4.3.National Voter's Service PortalClick Here
5.Videos released by ECI/CEOMP 1. VVPAT Awareness Video
2. Know The EVM
3. EVM Do's And Don'ts
6.EVM - VVPAT Awarness MaterialClick Here
7.Voter Awareness/SVEEP Activities @NarsinghpurClick Here
8.List of Election Officials @NarsinghpurClick Here
9.RO & ARO DetailsClick Here
10.List of Booth Level Officer (BLO)Click Here
10.1Search Polling Station & BLO on MAPClick Here
11.List of Officials of Political PartiesClick Here
12.Details of EP Ratio Age Cohart Wise118 Gotegaon (SC)
119 Narsinghpur
120 Tendukheda
121 Gadarwara
13.Details of Gender Ratio age cohart wise118 Gotegaon (SC)
119 Narsinghpur
120 Tendukheda
121 Gadarwara
14.List of persons with disabilities AC wiseClick Here
15.List of proposed queue less PWD friendly Model polling stationsClick Here
16.District Election management planClick Here
16.1District Election Short NoteClick Here
17.District SVEEP planClick Here
17.1SVEEP @ CEO MPClick Here
18.Tenders for Election Activities 1. भोजन चाय नाश्ता हेतु निविदा
2. सी. सी. टीव्ही हेतु निविदा
3. लेखन सामग्री हेतु निविदा
4. लाईट माईक हेतु निविदा
5. फोटोकापी हेतु निविदा
6. टेंट शामियाना हेतु निविदा
7. टेलीविजन एव्म डिस्क हेतु निविदा
8. वीडियोग्राफि हेतु निविदा
19.Service and overseas voters detailsClick Here
20.List of AMF at polling stationsClick Here
21.1.Polling Stations List AssemblyWise118 Gotegaon (SC)
119 Narsinghpur
120 Tendukheda
121 Gadarwara
21.2.Important Training Material Available @ECI website (EVM,VVPAT,MCMC,SVEEP etc)Click Here
21.3.Circular/Notifications of CEO M.P.Click Here
21.4.Resource Center @CEO MPClick Here
21.5.List of Deleted Entries During Second Summary Revision-2018Click Here
21.6.VOTER LIST - Final Publication II SR 2018 ( II विशेष संक्षिप्त पुनरीक्षण )Click Here
22.कलेक्टर और एसपी ने किया स्ट्रांग रूम का निरीक्षण, नरसिहपुरClick Here


Employee DataBase Formats

Sr.No.DetailDownload LinkEPDS-2018 software Link
1.Election - 2018 Employee Database Format -I, II, IIIClick Here


Assembly List (Map Showing Assembly Constituencies In Narsinghpur District)

Sr.No.Assembly CodeAssembly NamePolling BoothsAssembly Constituency MapParliamentary Constituency
1.118Gotegaon (SC)267 (Click Here)Click Here14-Mandla
2.119Narsinghpur282 (Click Here)Click Here17-Hoshangabad
3.120Tendukheda225 (Click Here)Click Here17-Hoshangabad
4.121Gadarwara238 (Click Here)Click Here17-Hoshangabad


Administrative Setup

Sr.No.DesignationOfficer's Name Telephone(O)eMail ID
1.Collector & District Election Officershri Deepak
2.Superintendent of PoliceShri Dharmendra
3.ADM & Deputy DEOShri J. Sameer
4.CEO ZPShri R. P.


Returning Officers

Sr.No.DesignationOfficer's Name MobileeMail ID
1.SDO & RO Gotegoan (SC)Mo. Shahid
2.SDO & RO NarsinghpurShri Mahesh Kumar
3.SDO & RO TendukhedaShri R. S.
4.SDO & RO GadarwaraMs. Sonam