Narsinghpur - A District of Madhya Pradesh

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Social security pension (oldage pension) : The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to the helpless people. Under this scheme senior citizens that is people aged above 60 years or women aged 50 plus or widows or destitute women and handicapped students (6 to 18 years) gets a pension of Rs. 150/- per month.

Handicapped scholarships: Under this scheme students where orthopediacally handicapped and whose disformity or disability is more than 40%. These students gets a scholarship Rs. 25/- for class 1st to 5th and for 5th to 8th Rs. 30/- per month and for 9th to 12th Rs. 85/- per month and students of college level gets Rs. 120/- per month.

Artificial limbs and equipments: Students who are unable to move social welfare dept. provide them Tricycles, supporting arms, artificial legs, limbs free of cost. People, who are deaf and dumb, hearing impaired provided by the hearing aids free of cost. Handicapped people also get the railway concessions.





National Motherhood Assistance (Rastriya Matrutava Sahayata) : Poor class women during their pregnancy get the medical assistance with help of this scheme. Under this scheme economically weaker section women who are pregnant and having age more them 19 years. She gets a lump sum amount of Rs. 500/- between 8 to 12 weeks before the pregnancy. This benefit is given upped two children only.

Ayushmati Scheme: - Under this scheme landless poor rural women get the medical treatment specially. Eligible omens gets 400/- PM if get admitted in Distt. Civil Hospitals for a week and Rs. 1000/- PM if the period is more than a week.

Balika Samridhi Yojna : Women living under Below Poverty Line (BPL) gets financial assistance of Rs. 500/- per girl child upped two live deliveries of girl child and women must attain 19 years of age. A scholarship of Rs. 300/- is given to the girl child for studies from standard 1st to 3rd, Rs. 400/- in class 4th, in class 5th Rs. 500/-, in class 6th and 7th Rs. 600/-,in class 8th Rs. 800/- and in class 9th and 10th Rs. 1000/- per annum.




Dhan Dhanya krishi Mela : Narsinghpur is agriculturally rich and having record production of food grains. During 2nd Oct to 4th Oct 2000 Krishi Mela 2000 organised first time in famous Mandi of Kareli. In this exhibition first sugarcane cutter machine was sold. In this worthy exhibition there were so many equipment's, fertilizers, pesticides on display and sale. Approx. Rs. 87.88 lakhs costing agricultural equipment's, fertilizers and pesticides were sold out which was a record.

Cultivation of Mentha :- Mentha is a very aromatic and having pleasing odour which is also well known as Japanese Pudina . With the oil of Mentha and its other element chewing gum toffies candies prepared. Once Mentha planted can be cut thrice. For Mentha vaporization, Mentha vaporization plant has to be set up. For Minimum 500 KG capacity needs an investment of Rs. 25000/- to Rs. 100000/-. Presently one Mentha extraction Plant is operational at Khamtara (Narsinghpur).




Sericulture (Silk): - In Narsinghpur distt. One spinning mill of silk is functional at Mungawani, surrounding areas and neihbouring are purchasing where silk cocoons districts. In this unit silk threads is also prepared. Farmers get a revolving fund of Rs. 6200/- per acre from Sericulture Deptt. (Govt.), for Shahtoot and insects farming and this amount being deposited in beneficiaries' bank accounts. The silk cocoons produced by the beneficiaries fully purchased by the Govt. sericulture depot's unit on fixed rates. Sericulture Depot. Provides the free technical guidance and also facilitate to get the loan from banks.




Teak plantations through Hi-Tech method: - Sapling through hi-tech method (Hi-Genic Technology) is called as Hi-tech Plantation. In Narsinghpur near Barman on NH 26 at khasra no 149150 forest deptt. Has planted 12,500 teaks root shoot in an area of 5 hect in the year 1999. Presently around 32,500 plants are in extra care of forest deptt. There Here Ashwagandha, Shatwar ,Isabgol, Kasturi, Tulsi, Mentha, Mehandi, Punarnava, Satt bidar, White Moosali, Ratanjot etc. medicinal plants were also planted there. This is the distt's first plantation which is most successful, healthy and cent percent live. This plantation is technically rich and equally important for environment and good earning.




Community Based Primary Education Program - UNICEF and GOI joint efforts made this community based primary education program a success in Chawarpatha block of the district, which is conducted since 1999. The local rural public did the management of the school only. Under these scheme 184 primary schools and 36 Shiksha guarantee schools are connected. Complete dynamic development of the school Building constructed, Drinking water facility and entertainment facilities have been extended with the help of team effort, social service and financial support. Which is very good sign in rural education sector.

Information Technology: - Under the IT policy of MP Govt., District is extending the Information Technology into the rural and remote areas. Under this scheme computerized information centers will be established from Block levels to Panchayat levels. Unemployed youth having computer education may start their own entrepreneur, which will be knowledge based. Problems may be solved at the place only from where the problem comes, with the help of computer complaints and problems can directly send to headquarters. This job will be completed by the joint venture of Industry Depot. And AISECT. It will have Block level Multipurpose IT center which includes software development unit, Internet, Emailing Service, Computer Servicing Unit, Video graphics, mixing and titling unit. For this purpose already 100 beneficiaries acquainted the training.




First position in Family planning programme : During period 1998-99 family planning program it is worth mentioning that district achieved first position in the state. For this achievement Red Cross Society of India, Bhopal presented first prize.

Reproductive child health (R.C.H.) - It's a very ambitious program. Main objective of the program is to educate the people for reproduction of child and child health care. To extend the child health programme to the remote people effectively, to decrease the mortality rate of mother and child. For this 944 persons were trained. Which includes public representatives teachers Anganwadi workers, midwives, Jan Swasthay Rakshak, ladies & gents.




Fish farming - For farming SC/ST beneficiaries gets a grant of Rs. 6500/-, for making their own ponds (approx. 0.5 Hectare) ,dept. also provides a 30 days training. They provided fish farming education & study tour outside the state for 15 days as per the scheduled target. For establishing fish farms and production units General category people gets 25% & SC/ST people gets 50% Grant (max. Rs 1 lakh ). Fishermen attached with this business get free accident insurance. In case of accidental death Rs. 50000 & causing disability Rs 25000/- has been given as financial assistance.




Special program for animal reproduction -Small & moderate farmers ,land less agricultural labors. Who are economically weak ,to improve their condition there are some schemes like to improve milk production & hybrid generations. Breeding of hybrid kind cattle and providing proper nutrients. These schemes are to developing the interest among the poor farmers & labors, to take a step forward in this direction. Who have their own hybrid female heifers provided with 4 to 32 month's food nutrients & 17 quintal of cattle feed. Under this scheme general category person gets an amount of Rs. 3000/- and SC/ST beneficiary gets an amount of RS 5000/- .




Eradication of untouchability - Very appreciable and socially useful scheme. Under which intercaste marriage has been promoted by paying RS 6000/-. Either of the groom or bride should be from non SC/ST caste & marriage under this scheme. Gram panchayat also honored the couple by paying them RS 5000/- .




Top working scheme - Under this scheme farmer provided with local plants of improved quality . Trained rural youth / farmers get a grant RS 10/- per plant . For Papaya & Lemon nursery farmers get loan from banks under NABARD's scheme. 25% of total investment has given to the farmers as a grant from Horticulture dept. Which is deposited in banks and remaining amount has been deposited by the farmer in installments.

Drinking water facility - In Narsinghpur district there are 1040 villages having population. Public Health Eng. Dept. established 6326 handpumps in all villages & 108 tap water schemes & 31 spot pipeline water supply and all schemes are helping the rural population for during water. Presently a central Govt. approved reform pilot project is playing a very strong role for providing drinking water to district's rural people. Jila Yojana Samiti presently made a 47 Nal-Jal scheme which is also approved by the state Govt. PHE deptt. started all the schemes and made the sources for drinking water.



MOHAD - Model village of the district

A small village Mohad is situated at 3 km from Kareli tehsil of Narsinghpur district. Village is having a population of approx. 4000. Having 300 houses & 3000 livestock. Village is having wider roads, big trees, neat & clean houses all over , schools & a big play ground in the center of village . Mohad is having Bio-gas plant ,an alternative source of energy. Nadep compost proved its best utility. For cleanliness & water drainage for the village a 4360 feet long drain has constructed on main road. Village is also having 450 soak pits and 300 toilets. Around 4000 plants have been planted in the village. At public places circular platforms has been constructed around the trees. Village has got 26 hand pumps. Water tank having a capacity of 1-lakh liters is under construction. Drinking Water for the cattle a 20 feet long tank also made . Village has got a Govt. middle school, a Girls school. A nursery is also there, which is operated by Gram- Bharti. Sanskar Bharti is doing special efforts & moments for making the village a fully cultured & developed village. There are more than 100 persons who can introduce themselves in Sanskrit language. In the village special efforts are going on for developing the interest towards Yoga and public awareness programmes.



District Poverty Eradication Project (D.P.I.P) : The main objective of this project is to improve the local self government & extend its services in a better way to poor people specially women. For this project three blocks of the district have been identified ,they are Narsinghpur, Gotegaon, BawaiChichali , under Narsinghpur block 14 Panchayat having 20 villages . The 28 villages of Chichali's 18 Panchayats & 51 villages of 36 panchayats of Gotegaon block is being covered under this project. Management of this project will be done by Jila Panchayat & execution of the program will be done by Gram Sabha & its executing body Gram Vikas Samiti.