District Election Office


Assembly Polling Booth
118-Gotegaon (SC) 267
119-Narsinghpur 282
120-Tendukheda 225
121-Gadarwara 238


Voter Registration Centers (VRCs) have been set up in All tehsils of District Narsinghpur for the purpose of providing free and fair broadcast of information and on-line availability of voting facts and voter identity card for voters. Invaluable cooperation and suggestions are requested in the participation of a strong democracy from all the citizens of the district.

Collector Madam
Riju Bafna District Election Officer
Election officials list
Sr. No. Name Designation Telephone (O) email id
1 Riju Bafna District Election Officer 07792-230900
2 Shri Deepak Kumar Vaidya Deputy District Election Officer 07792-232150
3 Shri Vinod kori Election Supervisor 07792-230832