Tourist Places

Beneki Tola
Bineki Tola :- Unique rock paintings found in the valleys of inaccessible and dense forests
Category Historic

Tribal village Bineki Tola, which comes under Nayakheda Gram Panchayat of Kareli Tehsil, is full of archaeological heritage for the…

Ton Ghat (aka “chhota dhunaadhaar”)
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Ton ghat (near Gram Panchayat Barheta), situated on the banks of the Sher River, about 12 km from Belkhedi on…

daada maharaj
Dada Maharaj Mandir
Category Historic, Religious

Dada Maharaj’s temple built on NH 26, about 6 km from the city, is the center of faith.Here a large…

Narsimha Temple
Narsimha Mandir
Category Historic, Religious

During the 18th century this temple was constructed by Jat Sardars & plane Statue of Lord Narsimha (It’s a Human…

Barman Ghat, River Narmada
Bramhan Ghat
Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Religious

Barman is situated at main Sagar N.H. 26 & 24 and 12 km away from Kareli Rly station, and the…

tripur sundari temple
Jhoteswar Temple
Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Religious

JHOTESHWAR (Paramhansi Ganga Ashram) On the route of Mumbai – Hawrah Central railway track 15 K.M. from Sridham rly station…

OM Namah Shivay
Damru Ghati, Gadarwara
Category Natural / Scenic beauty, Religious

A magnificent Shiva temple was built in a valley shaped like Damuru on the banks of the river Shakkar. Shivaling…