Bineki Tola :- Unique rock paintings found in the valleys of inaccessible and dense forests

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Tribal village Bineki Tola, which comes under Nayakheda Gram Panchayat of Kareli Tehsil, is full of archaeological heritage for the district. Here the rock paintings of the Chalcolithic and Mesolithic period are made in the caves built on the banks of the Shakkar river. Their period has been told up to about 10 thousand years old. The rock paintings made here are made in red, ochre, and white, in which the art of warfare, animal husbandry, festivals, hunting figures and arrows, swords, spears, axes are made on the walls, as well as lions, deer, stag, wild boar, sheep. Pictures of creatures like elephant, python have also been engraved.

While searching for this, the joint team of Dr. VK Wakankar Archaeological Research Institute, Bhopal, conducted a survey from 2 to 4 March 2022. The survey team included Research Officer Dr. Dhurvendra Jodha and Archeology Lecturer of Vikram University, Ujjain, Ritesh Lot and Junior Fellowship of DelhiUGC, Shubham Kevaliya, who conducted a total survey. Numbering, marking of shelters, geotag, videography and registration of the discovery of 11 shelters has been done. Its information was given to the administration and archeology department by Kareli resident journalist Amit Srivastava, the same Dainik Bhaskar on February 3, 2020. was brought to the fore.

From Kareli Railway Station via Tehsil Chowk via Amgaon, via Nayakheda via Dilheri Pradhan Mantri Road to Gwari. After this, about 7 kilometers on foot and with the help of a two-wheeler, one can reach the village and the place where the rock paintings are located. Due to the forest and mountains, this path is quite inaccessible. The same other way can be reached by four-wheeler from Harrai tehsil of Chhindwara district via Chikla-Chakarpat, after that it can be reached by walking 5 km.

Local youths have been associated with Village Forest Committee and SGO to provide employment and opportunities through tourism. Through this, tourists and groups coming to Bineki Tola can get the facility of guide and food etc. at the tourist place itself, along with archaeological information, they can enjoy trekking and village culture.

Contact For Tour :-

Name Of Nodal Officer         :- Vivek Singh

Address Of Nodal Officer     :- Collectorate Office(Backward Classes And Minorities Welfare Department)

Phone No. Of Nodal Officer :- 9479852392

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The nearest airport is Jabalpur Airport (IATA: JLR, ICAO: VAJB), also known as Dumna Airport. It is around 120 KM from Narsinghpur.

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Kareli railway station is in the Western Central Railway zone. Its Railway code is KY. It is 145 KM from Itarsi junction (DN side) and 100 KM from Jabalpur junction (UP side).

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25 KM from the Kareli Railway Station.