Places of Interest

Places of Interest
Sr.No. Name of Place
1. Narsimha Mandir
2. Barmaan Ghat
3. Jhoteshwar
4. Damru Ghati
5. Fort of Chauragarh
6. Sadar Mandir
7. Ganesh Mandir
8. Dada Maharaj Mandir
9. Ram Mandir
  1. Narsimha Mandir
  2. During the 18th century this temple was constructed by Jat Sardars & plane Statue of Lord Narsimha (It’s a Human Awtar of Lord Vishnu having Loin’s head ) This is situated at District H.Q. And this temple has got its importance as district’s Nomenclature hails from here only.

  4. Barman is situated at mani Sagar N.H. 26 & 24 and 12 km away from Kareli Rly station, and the bank of river of Narmada. Lord Brahma’s Yagya shala, Rani Durgawati temple, Elephant gate and Varahas statue are places of tourist interest here. River Narmada Flows in seven strains. It flows on the occasions of Makar Sankranti to Basant Panchami. Mela has been arranged in which District Administration also takes part. Also organized are different stalls of district Govt. Depot. This exhibition has the display of Agriculture Depot, co-operative, education, health. in which different beneficial schemes information & achievement has shown throes which people get benefit out of this exhibition.

  5. JHOTESHWAR (Paramhansi Ganga Ashram)
  6. On the route of Mumbai – Hawrah Central railway track 15 K.M. from Sridham rly station on the control Rly track of Mumbai – Hawrah. Naturally rich & very gorgeous temple of golden Raj- Rajeshwari tripur sundari. It is Jhoteshwar temple, Lodheshwar temple, Hanuman tekari, Rock, Shivling made up of slohutic. It’s a place when Jagatguru Shankaracharya joytesh & Dwarkadish pithadheshwar Saraswati Maharaj meditates & worship. On the Basant Panchami occasion here 7 days Mela organized.

  8. It is situated at 3 K.M. from Gadarwara Rly. Station which is on central Railway’s. Itarsi- Jabalpur track. One big huge Shivling is there which found one small Shivling inside it.

  10. 19 K.M. from Gadarwara Rly. Station a very ancient time now only remain this forts was built by Genha dynasty’s King , Gond, Sangram Shah in 15th century. One Narsinghpur district near Barheta village Nonia is also a place having Orcheolozical importance. Here six big statue are them inside parkota which is known as Pandav, math/ Statue.